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Purpose-built for publishing standards, adoptions and technical documents from NISO STS XML, ISO STS XML and PDF


Reduce manual work

Through automation you can save time and money, deliver the same or better quality and comply with all those tricky business rules.

Evolve your capabilities

Quickly improve your current publishing process.  And, introduce new capabilities taking advantage of modern technology at a pace you decide.

Satisfy your customers

Deliver the products your customers need in the formats they want.


Standards Publishing

Increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

Publish your draft and final versions of standards and adoptions in a variety of formats including: PDF, PDF Preview, HTML, HTML Preview and EPUB.

Setare is the fastest way to publish your standards content.

See how this regional standards organization and its members are improving their publishing processes and product offerings with Setare!

Committee Work

Technical committee project leaders, authors, editors, members and support staff developing standards can see their XML content in “near-final” PDF format.  Optionally, add line numbers to facilitate meeting discussions.

And special editorial layouts enable them to check their XML is consistent and to discuss semantic markup to ensure it is correct.

See how Setare is smoothing the transition to collaborative authoring in XML!

Rapid Implementation

Get up and running quickly with the help of our world class team.

We provide expert knowledge and advice to supplement your skills and help you benefit from a modern publishing approach.  No need to worry about installing software or IT infrastructure.  Setare runs on the cloud so you can access it through the Internet your web browser.  And we offer RESTful interfaces to support integration with your other IT systems .


Key Features

Publish your standards from PDF or NISO STS XML, ISO STS XML or OASIS DocBook.

Publish national adoptions of ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC standards from PDF or XML.  Add national standards designation and copyright notices to comply with ISO, IEC, CEN-CENELEC rules.  To make it even easier we can obtain the standards content direct from ISO on your behalf.

From XML content you can create PDFs, PDF Previews, HTML, HTML Previews and EPUB.

It’s also easy to publish your coversheets around several PDF’s to create more complex documents (e.g. original standard + amendments, multilingual editions, series of standards).

Choose your cover page layout from ready-made designs; the exact content adapts dynamically to your data.  And, where needed, we can customise cover pages to your exact needs.

Use a simple web browser interface or integrate Setare into your publishing processes and IT applications through RESTful APIs.

Easy, rapid publishing with no practical volume limits (number of pages or documents)

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